Why Type?

Why do we need to learn typing on typingtutor.org?

Face it, computers and their ubiquitous keyboards are everywhere. From workplaces, to school, to home - every place has a computer waiting to be typed upon. Nearly every job today requires, at the very least, basic typing skills. Obviously office and secretarial jobs need a high typing speed. But even other vocations will have a computer and keyboard involved, requiring at least basic touch typing capabilities. The old "typewriter" is all but extinct in today's workplaces, however, some have been retained as label writers or for impact printing of shipping carbon-paper type manifests.

What about the fabulous as-seen-on-TV software that you can simple talk to, and it miraculously types out everything without missing a vowel or an apostrophe? Really, don't believe everything you see on television! The hard fact is that dictation software just does NOT work that perfectly. It has it's uses for cases where using a keyboard is just not an option due to medical conditions or a job where hands are not free to type. But you really, really, really need to learn to type on the keyboard; accurately and FAST.

Take the classic literary example. Suppose you are dictating a paragraph:
     "Lets eat, grandma!"
but the software misses the inflection of your voice, and instead types this out:
     "Lets eat grandma!"
that would make for an embarrassing family reunion memoir, to say the least!

Get to it, here on this site you have a free typing tutor. Start learning to type and stop wasting time! You don't have to buy or download any software. Yes, using cutting-edge HTML programming, all typing lessons work directly in your Internet browser (any version, on any computer type).

Begin here with the basics, take a look at typing keyboard types.