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Speed test on typingtutor.org

Think you can type fast? Check how fast you REALLY type with this online typing speed test (courtesy of Learn2Type.com).

10 Key tests are also available for the numeric keypad.

Type the exercise text shown below and click the TEST ME! button when finished. The host server will automatically measure your typing skills and speed. Remember, accuracy is just as important as speed.

Note that you do NOT need to press the ENTER key between lines.
The Chrysalis heard all this, but did not try to make any reply. A few days after, when the Ant passed that way again, nothing but the shell remained. Wondering what had become of its contents, he felt himself suddenly shaded and fanned by the gorgeous wings of a beautiful Butterfly. "Behold in me," said the Butterfly, "your much-pitied friend! Boast now of your powers to run and climb as long as you can get me to listen." So saying, the Butterfly rose in the air, and, borne along and aloft on the summer breeze, was soon lost to the sight of the Ant forever.


Your typing exercise will be submitted to the testing site on Learn2Type .com and your typing speed and accuracy evaluation will be shown. You may continue with free typing lessons and tests on that site.