Typing Tutorial

Online typing tutorials

There are many website that tout online typing lessons, ranging from simplistic key prodding pages to exotic game sites that have little to do with actually typing. Most are either obvious such as "type this exercise a thousand times and you will eventually learn something"; or simply a gilded wrapper for selling exorbitantly priced software.

Back in 1999 when the Internet became mainstream and easily available, one site developed a typing tutorial that has endured and is the best learning resource even today. Learn 2 Type created an unique method of touch typing training that is tailored for each individual - not a one size fits all mass marketing solution. Recognizing that each person learns at a different pace, and has different requirements, the site customizes each lesson based on their age and own peformance on prior tests. The result is an astounding 5.5 million members that have been added as expert typists to the touch-typing world. And at the amazing price of $0, zero, free!

Begin with the typing basics lessons.
Follow with home row exercises.
Practice the typing lessons and become an expert typist!

It can really just be that simple, practice makes perfect and with a free resource online - all you need is an Internet connected computer with a keyboard. QWERTY, AZERTY and DVORAK keyboard lessons are all available on the site.

Creating a user login on Learn 2 Type's site is recommended, so scores and peformance evaluations can be saved. Once a typing expert, you may purchase a typing speed certification (its optional, and the only thing that a small fee is charged for).